On My Way

Happy National Poetry Month! In the spirit of the month, each Thursday I will try to post a poem.

I dug through my old notebooks for this one. As Wyoming weathers another spring snowstorm, this spring snow poem opines for escape. To me, poems have always been lovely little escapes or beautiful places to store human experiences. This poem tackles the mundane of an imaginative, tired mind lollygagging on the way to class, work, obligations, what have you. The stillness brought on by snow always makes me feel a peaceful sort of happiness. Snow just seems to absorb the sound around it. The silence that results from this icy insulation feels full and paradoxically warm. I bashfully admit that I am the one who is praying for snow, especially in the early spring.

stained glass tree
A leafless tree that made me pause in thoughts of nature’s “stained glass”


On My Way

Kylie Louise McCormick


Though I paused,

my legs kept moving

through the double doors,

leaving my mind behind

looking up to the thunder

blotched sky outlined

by a leafless tree, letting

the drops of spring snow

wet my face. A breeze whispers

tales of escape, setting a chill

over my overworked mind

waking up to realize,

I am already inside.

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