Kylie Louise McCormick

Have pen, will travel. Digital humanist on display. Historian for hire. Purveyor of words. Please read for book reviews, short musings on data and the currency of knowledge, poetry, short stories, essays, career updates.

Small Town Crime

This poem is based on an article I read in a small town newspaper back in 2008. While this isn’t one of my best poems, I do enjoy the movement created by the punctuation and flow of words. As much as poetry is an oral tradition, it is also an extremely visual art form. Small …

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Family Friday: Pathfinder

Shabbat Shalom! My favorite childhood memories take place on the dusty back roads and waters of the Pathfinder Wildlife Refuge. Listening to Prairie Home Companion or singing along to a John Prine song as our little white pickup bounced along the gravel roads, we explored each of the back roads. Some nights we would sleep …

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Baby Bird-er

Today I hope to pay a family of eagles a visit. For the last several years, my family has enjoyed watching the growth and home-improvements of a pair of bald eagles living on the Pathfinder Wildlife Refuge. I could see myself becoming an avid birder, if I could ever find the time. Today I thought …

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