Section of the article talking about the difficultly Mary E. Marks had in labeling all of the artifacts donated by Dr. Hebard

Hebard Remembered Identification
Miss Marks expressed the genuine regret that so many of these souvenirs are not labeled, for, Hebard carried their identifications in her own head. She had ho many things to do, so many letters, articles, and books to write, so many students to help, that she never accomplished the too-long delayed task of labeling each of her treasures.
She had collected old tomahawks and some crudely chipped stone implements, evidently used by the Indians for skinning and fleshing.
Another curiosity is the old flimsy “prompting” chair which Dr. Hebard got from the Laramie Opera House when it was torn down last summer. Chauncey B. Root, who ran the old show house, also gave her the entire front row of audience seats. One of these which Dr. Hebard fixed up to put in her front hall, now stands in ragged, red-plush glory in a third-floor library room.

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