Family Friday: Pikachu Visits Wyoming

Shabbat shalom!

I think that the most thoughtful person in my life happens to be a seven-year-old boy, my second-cousin, Reece.

Despite living 747 miles apart from each other, Reece has never failed to amaze me with his memory. I am only able to visit maybe once a year and when he was a baby growing into a toddler, I fully expected to re-introduce myself to him at least a couple of times. But he never needed a reminder of who I am. He always greeted me with glee.

I cherish the time I get to spend with Reece and his curiosity for the world. Yes, he can be rambunctious, silly, and full of imaginative games to play. And yet, he can also be serious, sit quietly, and carry a good conversation. I love getting to share my knowledge with Reece and learn new things too. We share a love for the creepy-crawly critters of the world, seeking out facts about toads and reading up on garden spiders.

Reflections of Wonder
Reece and I inspect a toad


The last time I was in town, he took the day off school to spend with me and his younger brothers. Watching Reece take on the role of “big brother” has been another delight. Together we traipsed around the yard, finding a turkey feather, cutting open a hedge apple, and cracking walnuts.

A few weeks ago, I got the best surprise in the mail, a Reece original of a Pikachu jumping out of a Pokeball. Incredibly clever, he drew the Pokeball so that when I unfolded the paper, the top came off and Pikachu leapt up!

Pikachu and ball


Today I finally finished my reply– a short storybook of Pikachu exploring Wyoming!




Below are some excerpts– but it is more fun when they are in motion!



Click here to download the full story! Play the presentation and click-through for the full experience.

As this virus forces us all to stay away from each other, I am grateful to my cousin Reece for reminding me that though we are miles apart, we can still show each other that we care.

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