This is a very strange poem, but I love it. I wrote it in one of my notebooks some time between high school and college, blending together experiences and advice doled out to my sister and me. It is a poem of change and family– a poem inking out the advice and how to of growing up.

An image from a drive home taken earlier this winter
Kylie Louise McCormick
You'll get out of here soon, I promise.

Don't drive too fast; remember your middle name. It'll be fine, you'll be okay. We miss you too. Who? Be careful. Don't move so soon. You're awfully fast at getting over her. Don't drive late at night; remember your middle name. We don't know what we would do without you.

Take care of your Grandma; Be respectful; You must remember to empty the dishwasher;

This is how you take care of your Grandma: mind her memory. This is how you empty  the dishwasher and pick cherries from the tree. This is how you be alone. Don't worry, you'll get out soon. This is how you drive home, the road's not long; We miss you too. This is how you phone home. This is how much we care. You'll be out & gone soon-- This is how you go to college; This is how you play your connections; This is how you wink and smile at boys; This is how you pretend you are a telescope;

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