Dancing Trees

This is a poem I found in one of my old notebooks. Near as I can tell, I wrote it sometime in college. There isn’t too terribly much for me to say about this poem except that in each verse, I see my little inspirations– from romance songs about dancing in the moonlight, to my mother’s stories about watching her plants grow while on bed-rest, pregnant with my sister.

A canopy of leaves

Dancing Trees

Kylie Louise McCormick

Even here, we are not alone.
The trees watch us, their leaves
mocking our cheek to cheek
with the sway of a breeze.

Have you ever sat & watched
a plant growing? It trembles
into a stretch, always reaching.

Reaching like your arms,
a vine growing around my waist.
We sway to our heartbeats and
when your lips near mine, 
I tremble,
I stretch.

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