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Rabbit Holes and Reputation

While writing my master’s thesis, I spent a little over a week learning about calendars. You see, in his autobiography, Levi Sheftall double-dated the year of his birth 1739/40, despite the fact that he maintained his father’s records of Savannah’s Jewry which clearly put Levi’s birth in 1739. With the appearance of several other double-dates …

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Canceling Class and the Art of Social Distancing

On Friday afternoon I received official word that my class, “Grace Raymond Hebard and the Pursuit of Wyoming,” must be canceled after only one meeting due to COVID-19. As each day after our first class meeting brought more news of the coronavirus spread, my concern for my students mounted. I felt nervous that I could …

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There isn’t too much to say about this poem except to speak on transferrable moods and I believe the poem speaks to that plenty.     Pendulum Kylie Louise McCormick I stepped into your mood today, when your stride lengthened and you walked ahead instead of beside me. Your legs stretched up our hill, and …

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On Failure

Tonight begins Purim and I can’t help but think of where I was a year ago. Last Purim, as I gathered materials to make a homemade grogger and packed up my poppy seed hamantaschen filled with lemon custard, I received official word of my rejection from the history graduate program at Brandeis University. I had …

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49 States

While unpacking old notebooks, I stumbled upon the original ending of this story. Much more verbose and not quite as clever, that ending was the first piece of this story written. It made me think of transformations where two things are key: putting in the effort and letting things organically grow. A story won’t sit …

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Book Review: Inventing History in the American West

I first met Dr. Grace Raymond Hebard at a tea party. Not one that either of us actually attended, mind you. In fact, it is highly questionable the event ever took place, yet, it was this tea party that earned her my ire. The tea party in question would have taken place about 145 years …

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