Kylie Louise McCormick

Have pen, will travel. Digital humanist on display. Historian for hire. Purveyor of words. Please read for book reviews, short musings on data and the currency of knowledge, poetry, short stories, essays, career updates.

Sound of a Sigh

The summer my Grandpa Wally fell, the hospital conditionally released him to a nursing home for a week of physical therapy. I remember the look on his face when they put him in his temporary new room and the words out of his mouth, “Get me the hell out of here.” There was nothing I …

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Enebo: The Hermitage and The Hermits

Continuing with the spirit of National Poetry Month, I am sharing my explorations so far on Dr. Grace Raymond Hebard’s most beloved companion, Dr. Agnes Mathilde Wergeland.   In 1890, at the age of 33, Agnes Mathilde Wergeland became the first Norwegian woman to earn her doctorate. Having left Norway to accomplish the feat by …

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On My Way

Happy National Poetry Month! In the spirit of the month, each Thursday I will try to post a poem. I dug through my old notebooks for this one. As Wyoming weathers another spring snowstorm, this spring snow poem opines for escape. To me, poems have always been lovely little escapes or beautiful places to store …

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Family Friday: Collaborating on Isolation 2020

Shabbat Shalom! Another surreal day social distancing with another song, or rather songs. When my sister Kelsey shared her “Isolation 2020” playlist with me it was 39 minutes long. As of writing, it has grown to 4 hours and 23 minutes. My earliest memories of music all involve my sister. Our first music phase started …

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