Baby Bird-er

Today I hope to pay a family of eagles a visit. For the last several years, my family has enjoyed watching the growth and home-improvements of a pair of bald eagles living on the Pathfinder Wildlife Refuge. I could see myself becoming an avid birder, if I could ever find the time. Today I thought I might share some of my more recent photos of Wyoming’s flighted friends. There are just a few from the family of eagles, last year’s hatch– two dark and large adolescent birds. Hopefully today, I will capture some more of the feathered family but for now, I am happy to share my amateur attempts at Wyoming birding.

“…in the next world I am going to be a blue bird and sit on a fence post & prene (spelling doubtful) myself in the rain- so believe me–”

Letter Grace Raymond Hebard to Betz, Box 21, Folder 7, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming

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