Shabbat Shalom!

My favorite childhood memories take place on the dusty back roads and waters of the Pathfinder Wildlife Refuge. Listening to Prairie Home Companion or singing along to a John Prine song as our little white pickup bounced along the gravel roads, we explored each of the back roads. Some nights we would sleep out on the boat with a night sky so clear you can watch the milky way, spot a few hundred satellites, and catch a falling star blaze.

This Friday my post is short so I can go visit my soul’s home and commune with nature. I cherish the still, quiet mornings I have spent on the shores, perching atop a sandy hill to catch the first golden morning rays on my face, or walking slowly into the snow-melt water as though it was a mikvah, or even just cuddled into my sleeping bag, morning dew on my face, as I wake with the sun.

Fishing on Pathfinder last year

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