Small Town Crime

This poem is based on an article I read in a small town newspaper back in 2008. While this isn’t one of my best poems, I do enjoy the movement created by the punctuation and flow of words. As much as poetry is an oral tradition, it is also an extremely visual art form. Small …

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Dancing Trees

This is a poem I found in one of my old notebooks. Near as I can tell, I wrote it sometime in college. There isn’t too terribly much for me to say about this poem except that in each verse, I see my little inspirations– from romance songs about dancing in the moonlight, to my …

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An odd poem written between high school and college, blending together experiences and advice doled out to my sister and me.

why the sky is blue

Happy National Poetry Month, we have finally reach my last poem for the month!  This is an odd little poem I wrote around ten years ago and re-wrote several years later. I definitely did not save the best for last. I have never considered myself to be much of a poet, but it is an …

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Family Friday: Have Garden–Will Grow

Have Garden — Will Grow Kylie Louise McCormick I. I dug my heel into the poppies, mistaking them for thistles. The year after that, they couldn’t stop  GROWING. I grew a thumb as green as my heel, following my mother’s instruction. Strawberries to shade the roots of  flowering vines. She taught me to turn out …

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The Crickets

This is a poem I wrote late one night, during late winter while homesick in Lincoln. My studio apartment featured a loud refrigerator, which reminded me of crickets and the sounds of home.     The Crickets Kylie Louise McCormick   The mechanical buzzing, humming, sprigging in my refrigerator fills my chilled apartment at night. …

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